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About Les S. Kushner P.A.

Les S. Kushner, P.A. was established in April 1996 by Les S. Kushner, Esq., CPA, focusing on estate planning, estate administration, small business planning, and income tax and estate tax matters. Les S. Kushner is both an attorney and a CPA and has practiced law and accounting for approximately 35 years.

Our firm specializes on the many aspects of estate and tax planning and our goal is to provide the highest quality of tax, accounting and legal services to our clients. The firm has grown to provide tax, accounting, and legal services to individuals, families, and small businesses throughout South Florida.

Les S. Kushner, P.A. strives to serve our clients with the finest tax and legal services. We focus on comprehensive coverage and professional excellence that creates lasting relationships with our clients. The time and personal attention we give to each and every client further reinforces the passion and commitment this firm has for what we do.

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